We are a healthcare clinic, therefore we will remain open for normal business hours to meet the needs of our community as long as we are not required to close by governing authorities. We are taking the current situation seriously. We believe that proper hygiene is a good idea. We will be taking appropriate measures to protect our patrons including rigorous sanitizing of surfaces, as well as providing hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for public use in the clinic. We also believe that, more importantly, the fundamental factor in our safety when faced with challenges such as these is our ability to tolerate an infection if exposed.

FACT: Each of us is equipped with an immune system which, when functioning properly, protects us from succumbing to infection.

FACT: Physical vitality is the key factor which determines who is at the least or greatest risk when sickness occurs. It is necessary to take action to improve our vitality.

We all have challenges. Some have more than others. The measure of health is not whether or not we will face challenges, but instead how we weather those challenges. If you have risk factors, it is all the more important to take action to strengthen your vitality.

FACT: Your body is smart and is always working to keep itself healthy. If you take the necessary actions to improve your health, your body will always respond appropriately.

FACT: The nerve system is what your body uses to monitor, organize, coordinate, and respond to challenges within your body's various systems. It is the communication system of your body. Therefore, proper nerve system function is fundamental to your vitality.

FACT: Your body's structural integrity directly affects your nerve system function, and is therefore the foundation of good health.

Proper chiropractic care improves structural integrity.

FACT: Nerve system, immune system, and all other functions in your body are nutrient dependent.

Good nutrient status supports and improves your body's vital functions. Just as you would not expect to run a marathon without water, you should not expect your immune system to rise to a challenge appropriately without feeding it the key nutrients it needs to function well.

The mission of our clinic is to provide our community with an effective, drug free approach to health care, using the principles of chiropractic and functional nutrition to meet the unique needs of each individual. Therefore, we will remain open, and we are here to help. There are very simple strategies (beyond proper hygiene) that can greatly improve your safety. We need to take action, but we do not need to fear. Fear is bad for you.

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”
-Romans 15:13


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