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"For years I have had neck and back pain. Recently I also began having numbness in my leg and arm,ringing in my ears, and the pain got so bad I could not even pick up my granddaughter. I went to Dr. Moore and he was able to show me exactly where my problems were. In just one month I had 50%-80% improvement in all symptoms. A huge bonus was that years of seasonal allergies were completely gone. I had no idea I could get this kind of relief without surgery or drugs that would just mask symptoms. I can't wait to see and feel the results I will get over the next months of treatment. He has given me the ability to act as young as I feel. I would Highly recommend his service."

- Eva Cruver

"I have hundreds of chiropractors around me and I have yet to find anyone that can do a better job than Dr. Moore. The skill level and specificity Dr. Moore brings to the table are rare to find. I drive every week to Dayton from Chattanooga to get checked. This place is where I get the results others cannot seem to achieve. I finally have my go to guy for chiropractic!"

- Terry Loher


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